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My life mission is to help empower people through professional leadership, coaching and service to my community to build lives of balanced mental, spiritual and physical well-being.


I met Karen Hanna this summer, a few months after going into business for myself as a researcher for hire. I had NO business plan, NO specific goals beyond replacing my lost income and only a vague idea who my customers were. I was beginning to panic when Karen visited my business networking group and described her coaching business. I happily signed up for her business coaching! Karen was fantastic! Her sessions were organized, affirming and positive. I now have a strategic plan 2015 in an easy-to-read chart that is taped to the wall by my desk. Karen organized my strategic plan into 4 key activity areas with 3, 6 and 12 month goals. I feel more confident about my business and myself thanks to Karen’s coaching.

Kirsten J. Smith December 2014, MLIS


Karen’s insight and experience were (and still are) instrumental in helping our startup flesh out our immediate needs and future goals.  She helped us define a list of questions for clients and peers to help us understand how our services are being perceived.  Karen is thoughtful, thorough and thankfully for us, a good listener!  She helped us get through the stress of deciding to build a company from scratch.

Jonathan M. BallPresident, Software & Web Specialist,Diskdaddy Software & Web Development Inc.

Just a quick note to express my gratitude for your help setting me on the right path with your guidance in putting together a proper business plan. I cannot tell you how much this outline for success has helped me organize and energize my business through proper planning and implementation. There is a noted change in the energy that this plan has brought to my daily routine and I am deeply grateful for your time in helping me with this process.

Many thanks for all of your help.

J. Garbutt, Financial Planner, JD Financial Inc.Financial Planner, JD Financial Inc