My morning blogs are about all things human.

Aimed primarily towards professional effectiveness, other times I will write about personal behaviours. In the end, we are all humans and we cannot separate ourselves into categories and so I will share tips, tools, techniques and reflections on a variety of topics. I hope my writing will inspire and encourage positive change in your life.

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Thank you Karen for the wonderful work you did in updating my resume and LinkedIn page. You created a resume that reflects my experience, my personality and allows potential employers an accurate insight of who I am, what I have accomplished and my goals as well as being modern and will attract the attention of the hiring manager. You answered all my questions easily and efficiently and certainly put me at ease with the changes you made. After a detailed review of my LinkedIn page, you made some wonderful suggestions and I am happy that it has already been reviewed by some potential employers.

It has been a pleasure from beginning to end, thank you for your wonderful work and support in my career transition.