Benefits of Coaching

  • Coaching is an ongoing partnership that accelerates learning, performance and progress professionally and personally.
  • Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.
  • The coaching relationship is an interaction that creates clarity, understanding and accelerates the client’s progress towards their goals by providing greater focus on awareness of choices and innate trust in oneself.
  • Coaching is setting goals for change in thinking patterns, behaviours and attitudes while drawing on the client’s knowledge of their own values, strengths and goals.
  • Coaching is NOT mentoring, as the client is the one owning the process and makes decisions for themselves. Although past experience has a great influence on present and future decisions, coaching is not counselling or therapy.


  • Learning takes place over time. Often, the awareness (the ah-ha moments) of coaching take place in between the sessions.
  • Journaling can help to capture these teaching moments and be used as reference for future use.
  • Regular commitment to learning and dedicated practice of techniques will ensure the best outcome and change of behaviors.
  • As well as one-on-one coaching sessions, regular reading, practicing of skills, reflection and journaling will benefit changing habits and maintaining motivation.

Practice builds mastery. Mastery builds confidence.