Personal Coaching

Life is full of challenges and sometimes we need assistance and guidance to navigate through. Karen’s compassionate approach will help you align your core values and key strengths to best serve you in your life. Through a variety of tool and techniques, your awareness and insight will increase in order that you can creatively identify your choices and options and make informed decisions with renewed perspective.

Professional Development 

Karen’s clients are individuals who are inspired to develop their own unique style of leadership skills. Some are considering shifting careers and some are considering what it means to manage one’s own career. Many are senior leaders who value an objective perspective through coaching. Some are junior executives learning and evolving from tactical managers to strategic members of leadership teams. All are successful people who pursue coaching as a uniquely effective way to uncover their talents and strengths in order to best address their desire for personal and professional growth and can best benefit from Karen’s strong organizational skills, strategic planning, and visioning talents.

Career Transition

Changing careers is one of life’s greatest stressors!

Whether you have been dismissed, opted out or are seriously considering making a change, coaching can help steer you in the right direction. In the beginning, your customized program will be designed to meet your individual needs by designing a flexible program that can be accessed through in-person, telephone and/or virtual coaching and training. Your career transition program can assist you with assessing your strengths and interests, personal branding, resume development, interview preparation and networking strategy that will guide you in the foundation of job search in order to create a planned approach to consider future possibilities and successfully pursue your next career goals.

Organizational Leadership

Organizations need leaders and leaders need strong organizations to support them.

As a leader, you know your greatest asset is the people in your organization. Your staff is the foundation of your organization. You also know that these same people can be your greatest liability. Without people running your business, your business ceases to exist. If you know this and believe it, then you know you must invest in your people to ensure your teams and organizations are built for success.

Your leadership effectiveness is determined by the health of your team. Using a variety of appreciative inquiry tools , learn to identify potential risk areas and gaps that may be affecting your operational and functional capacities.

Effective teams have clarity and are able to articulate the business lines accurately and succinctly, promote the business goals and vision, assess their own roles & responsibilities, take pride in their work and they feel valued for their contribution. Organizational leadership coaching can enhance mission and clarify the vision of the organization, while aligning functional structures within a strong strategic plan.