Turn Your “Conflicts to Conversations”

Whether professional or personal, effective communications are the cornerstone of strong relationships. And yet, in every relationship, conflict is inevitable. We know conflict on some level is to be expected. We also know it is not always easy to manage disputes reasonably and proficiently.

Do you find yourself avoiding difficult conversations?

Do you find it difficult to express yourself the way you intend?

Do you find yourself in situations that are full of emotional conflict?

Would you like to learn to resolve differences of opinion without confrontation?

Would you like to resolve disputes with a clear understanding of the issue?

Would you like to be able to stop having the same arguments?


Who should take this course?

This course is designed for those who struggle to manage conflictual situations effectively and would like to improve and resolve disagreements in order to maintain healthy relationships.

You will learn practical methodology to assist you with:

  • Identifying potential conflicts & when a difficult conversation may be necessary
  • Clarifying the issues & skills to conduct a difficult conversation in 6 steps
  • Minimizing misunderstanding & avoiding the common pitfalls of conflict
  • Reducing stress by increasing mutually respectful rapport & collaboration

Based on New York Times bestseller, “Crucial Conversations”, this program focuses on identifying conflictual situations, examining your style under stress and providing skills to conduct and participate in difficult conversations with dignity and composure.


Your Benefits:

  • Receive tools and techniques you can use when preparing for and approaching any conflictual situation.
  • You will gain confidence in discussing difficult topics.
  • You will learn a straight forward practical approach to conducting any difficult conversation

Good leaders know the pivotal importance of effective communications in business and in our personal lives.

This program is ideal for:

  • individuals wishing to improve their conflict resolution and communication skills
  • families looking to increase harmony and peace in the home
  • diverse & multi-disciplinary workplace teams
  • managers responsible for conducting performance feedback reviews
  • human resources & staffing specialists


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