Finding a Job that Fits


The Job Hunt

It’s hard to know what kind of job is going to be best for us. It can be intimidating and overwhelming when considering all the possible options that are out there. It can be frustrating if you aren’t clear on what workplace practices work best with your personality type.

Using 6 key professional elements, I can help you define your ideal work and your ideal workplace that will bring out the best in you & leave you feeling satisfied, motivated and accomplished. With this unique information in hand, you can narrow your job search to work that suits you, rewards your talents and matches your personality. It can be a full time job to look for work. I can help you.


The Interview 

The greatest acknowledgement of our job applications is getting recognized. There are plenty of tools out there helping you  prepare your resume. But once your resume gets noticed, and you get a call, do you know how to prepare for the interview?

Once you land an interview, most employers are already satisfied with your credentials and experience on your resume. The interview process is an employer’s tool to determine if you are a good fit with the organization. In my 30 years of corporate experience and extensive staffing processes, I have discovered that whether you are applying for front line work or company CEO, there are 5 key workplace skills that every employer is looking for in their new recruit. Be prepared!

Find out more about finding your best job and the best job finding you!

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