Journal Coaching

Many of us enjoy writing. For some of us, writing is a preferred method of expression of our feelings.

It feels good to get it out “on paper”

Journaling allows us to view our issues with insight and objectivity. Writing allows us to see concretely, the recurring issues that arise time and time again. You may notice patterns in your moods and feelings that you may not have noticed when the thoughts remain in your head.

Journaling opens up endless opportunities. You can be as creative or concrete as you like. You can bare your soul in your writing and you are the only one who gets to decide who sees it and who doesn’t.

Journal coaching is a safe & confidential means of coaching with a professional through your self-expression of your writing. In a confidential relationship with me, you will uncover themes and patterns to your behavior, identify solutions and potential choices to address your concerns. I will partner with  you in action and accountability.

Journal coaching will benefit you by:

  • drawing awareness to your recurring themes,
  • learning to recognize & utilize different perspectives thinking to address issues,
  • identifying your choices & next steps actions
  • providing you with tools for making necessary changes
  • holding you accountable for taking action

Journal coaching is for the person who loves to write. Journal coaching is also beneficial for those that lack the privacy and dedicated time required for one-on-one coaching. Journal coaching is an opportunity to express your ideas, thoughts and concerns in writing and receive feedback from a professional coach. Journal coaching is an excellent opportunity to try coaching and see how it works for you.

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