Support for Families Living with Mental Illness

If you are living with or are the caregiver of someone with mental health issues, your advocacy and support is critical for their wellness. Studies have proven that those with dedicated family support have the greatest potential for a productive outcome.

They need you. And it can be difficult.

A large percentage of families living with mental illness report a higher incidence of grief, burden, guilt, shame and responsibility. This program is designed for families whose loved ones are living with mental illness. As a trained mental health facilitator, a professional coach and the mother of a mentally ill loved one, I understand.

What about your wellness? Who is supporting you?

Caring for a mentally ill loved one can be isolating, frustrating, lonely and difficult. Prolonged inattention to your own needs while managing the needs of your loved one can lead to resentment, anger, chronic grief and depression.

In an aircraft, you must put on your own oxygen mask, before you can help anyone else.

This program is your oxygen mask.

 This program is designed for those that are seeking support and understanding of their role as caregiver of mentally ill loved ones and would like to have a sustainable healthier emotional relationship with themselves and their loved ones.

You will develop:

    • an increased understanding of the emotions associated with your role as a loved one and caregiver

    • an ability to articulate your feelings effectively in a safe non-judgmental, confidential and private environment

    • coping strategies and skills to develop resilience, create healthy boundaries and find peace

    • a clear vision of where you can make changes to positively affect your relationship

    • a sense of supportive safe community with someone who “gets it”

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